Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Anime Preview

eStarland has long been a supplier of anime merchandise, and now that we have this blog up and running, we figured that we'd make a post each month about what we've ordered and what new action figures, statues, and artbooks have just been made available for preorder.

Assassin's Creed II Ezio PVC Statue

The follow-up to the fastest-selling new intellectual property in video game history, Assassin's Creed II features a new charismatic lethal hero - Ezio, Auditore da Firenze - and a new era - the Renaissance.

Based on Ubisoft's bestselling video game, this statue depicts in all his glory the Master Assassin, in the black gear he wore at the end of the game.

Sculpted by the same team responsible for the acclaimed White and Black Collector's Edition PVC figurines, this figure is highly detailed, video game accurate and now available as a PVC 16.9" tall edition, limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide, featuring an exclusive roof base.

Assassin's Creed II Play Arts Kai Ezio Action Figure

Square Enix's Play Arts ~Kai~ figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet.

Taken from Assassin's Creed II, the second game in Ubisoft's best-selling action franchise, Ezio, the Auditore da Firenze, is the latest character to be given the Play Arts ~Kai~ makeover.

This figure depicts the Master Assassin in all his glory, shrouded in his black assassin's outfit, seen at the end of the game.

Bakemonogatari Kanbaru Suruga Ani*Statue

Bakemonogatari's KANBARU SURUGA stands just over 6" tall (1/8th-scale) on a specially-designed display base that also captures her second basketball in mid-air.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Mina Tepes Ani-Statue

Mina Tepes from Dance In The Vampire Bund is almost 7 1/2" long (in 1/7th scale) on her back and was sculpted by Yuzo.

DC Catwoman Bishoujo Statue

The second statue of Koto's hottest new DC Bishoujo series! Illustrated by Shunya Yamashita!Design is inspired by 90's Jim Lee style. The new design brings back Catwomen in her modern style arrangement. Just like you see her in the movies, she is dressed in her tight black body suit with her weapon of choice, whip!

Stands atop an exclusive Batman inspired base. Also comes with two lovely miniature size Cat figure. Expect more characters to be released from the new DC Bishoujo series!

Final Fantasy Chocobo Mage Plushes

Players of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy games are familiar with the Chocobos, those cute and cuddly creatures that exist within the many realms.

The adorable creatures have become cute 8" tall plushes, in either a White Mage or a Black Mage version. Let these plush Chocobos into your life and they will use their magic to cast a spell upon you!

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Avatar Mascot Straps

These stylishly cute mascot straps feature character designs based on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, the newest game in Square-Enix's best-selling Kingdom Hearts series.

The main characters - Aqua, Terra, and Ventus - are designed in the character style of Kingdom Hearts: Avatar, the Japanese mobile version of game. These straps can be connected to cell phone, handheld game systems, and more. Each 1 1/4" tall PVC mascot comes attached to a 4 3/4" strap perfect for attaching to your jacket or backpack.

Metal Gear Solid Foxhound Logo Black T-Shirts

Konami's best-selling Metal Gear Solid video game series is represented on this black t-shirt! FOXHOUND was a high tech special forces unit established by the original Big Boss in 1971. Its purpose was to intervene in conflicts and allow the government to have deniability. After the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005, FOXHOUND was officially disbanded. Available in XXL, XL, L, and M.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Play Arts Kai Snake Action Figure (Jungle Version)

Square Enix's Play Arts ~Kai~ figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the Sony PSP is the latest chapter in Konami's best-selling Metal Gear Solid series and is overseen by series creator Hideo Kojima.

Super agent Solid Snake is brought to life as a dynamic 10" tall action figure, attired in his special jungle outfit. Window box packaging.

So-ra-no-wo-to Kanata Sorami Ani*Statue

KANATA SORAMI stands 7" tall (in 1/8th-scale) and is sculpted by Zenko. Speaking of Sorami, she has a cheerful expression on her face!

Super Mario Bros. 6-inch Plushes

Direct from Nintendo's best-selling Super Mario Bros. games comes this assortment of 6" Plush toys! Cute, soft and cuddly, these plushes of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, and Toad bring the lovable characters from the game into your life. Collect them all!

As a final addition, we're also going to order two sets of Slot Car systems. The Mario Kart DS 1/43 Scale Slot Car System comes with two karts (Mario & Peach), two speed controllers, and a 20 foot track with curves, narrows, straight aways, loops, and flyovers. The Mario Kart Wii 1/43 Scale Digital Slot Car System is, unlike the DS one, digital. The track runs 15 feet in length and the system comes with Mario, Luigi, and Peach along with a power transformer and controllers.