Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FC Mobile II: A Revolutionary Way to Play NES Games

Upon opening the FC Mobile II, we were struck by its size. Considering it houses a full NES and the necessary sensors for the two included wireless controllers and wireless light gun, we expected something larger. But the FC Mobile II fits snugly into your pocket and is designed for travel play. Keep in mind, however, that an NES cartridge in the system increases its size.

Buttons are placed in the perfect location so your hands won't cover the speakers and the power switch is along the top so you don't accidentally turn it off while playing. However, the buttons are quite stiff when you first start using the machine. In addition to that, the unit itself and the wireless controllers have dedicated turbo buttons which make games like Contra and Commando much more fun.

The cartridge bay was also built in a way that prevents the games from being shaken so even if you're playing on a bus or airplane, gameplay is never interrupted. The 72-pin connector is made with high-quality metals to prevent erosion and the bay is designed to allow a straight and direct connection with the cartridge similar to the design of the Model 2 NES, the SNES, or the N64. Games will always work as long as they are cleaned properly. (To properly clean an NES game, open the cartridge using a security bit and remove dust or carbon build-up from the connectors.)