Friday, October 22, 2010

10/27/2010 Anime Products

Next week, we'll be receiving the following anime products/merchandise. Quantities may be limited, so preorder now to ensure that you get what you want!

Bubblegum Crisis Motoslave Priss 1/15 Scale Figure

Yamato marks an all new milestone in toy engineering with its 1/15 transformable Motoslaves from Bubblegum Crisis (or BGC as it is known to its legion of fans). Piloted by lead heroine Priss of the Knight Sabers, the Motoslave is a transforming fighting machine. And true to form, Yamato captures all the transforming action in this amazing piece which measures approximately 6" in motorcycle mode and 6.5" in motoroid robot mode. This incredible package even includes a Priss action figure with a host of interchangeable parts and multiple points of articulation. What's more, Priss can even be attached to the Motoslave! Includes display base, rifle and additional interchangeable parts.

Creators Labo #24 Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog PVC Figure

From its Creators' Labo, Yamato introduces its latest master creation: #024 Tsukasa Bullet's Compact Hog. The second in a series of PVC statues based on the original illustrations of Tsukasa Jun (a.k.a. Tsukasa Bullet), this gorgeous 7.25" (kneeling) figure is magically sculpted by G.O. (Cerberus Project TM) with such exquisite details from her helmet, shoulder armor, and leather outfit to her soft, supple flesh that she nearly jumps to life. It is an outstanding piece of art with unique mixture of cute girl, art deco, and mechanical details. (The piece is named after the gun in the girl's hand, an imaginary piece designed by Tsukasa Jun himself. The compensator of the piece reminds the artist of a hog, hence the name - Compact Hog. Imaginary Gun Specs - Caliber: 45ACP; Capacity: 6 + 1; Barrel Length: 3"; Weight: 31 oz.)

Creators Labo #25: Rei Ayanami Version 2 PVC Figure

From one of the all-time anime classics, Neon Genesis Evangelion, comes Rei Ayanami as envisioned by famed artist Shunya Yamashita and brought to life by master sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa. This updated version of Yamato's masterpiece stands nearly 10" tall, features an all-new molding, and comes complete with both normal and bandaged heads and an illustrated postcard. Window box packaging.

We also got in some Kingdom Hearts Sora Pewter Keychains and Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Keychains. We're also receiving a second shipment of the incredibly popular Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Odin Action Figure.