Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010: Nintendo Conference Wrap-Up

Wow. Nintendo just kicked all sorts of ass. They started off with a trailer for Super Scribblenauts, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS. The main new feature of the game is the integration of adjectives, which will allow players to create thousands of objects in the game world.

This was followed by the debut trailer and some gameplay footage of the all new Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be out next year and be 100% MotionPlus compatible, promising unparalleled precision and depth.

Nintendo went on to introduceMario Sports Mix and Wii Party, the former being a collection of sports games featuring Nintendo's mascot and the latter being an integration of social networking elements and mini-games.

On the DS front, Nintendo screened a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo DS entry in the Golden Sun series of RPG's. With the full title revealed as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, DS owners can look forward to a brand new role-playing adventure this holiday season.

A few days ago, it was leaked that there might be a remake of the immortal N64 first-person shooter, Goldeneye. Nintendo confirmed that with a trailer of Goldeneye 007 that showcased split screen multiplayer, online multiplayer, brand new graphics, and, curiously enough, Daniel Craig as James Bond. While we don't approve of the recasting of Bond, we do look forward to this update of one of the most beloved FPSes of all time.

It was then that Warren Spector took the stage and took us through some Epic Mickey gameplay. For those who don't know, Epic Mickey is a platformer designed around the Disney universe with a heavy emphasis on the macabre. Don't expect it to be the saccharine and wholesome Disney that most people know. The game will draw upon Disney's roots and undoubtedly be a title of note, if only for the animation.

Kirby has usually stayed in the back of Nintendo's lineup, but the pink puffball will see an all new adventure on the Nintendo Wii entitled Kirby's Epic Yarn, a platformer with interesting fabric-inspired graphics and classic gameplay. See the trailer here.

Nintendo also screened a new gameplay trailer for Metroid: Other M, which is set to come out in August. Developed by Team Ninja, (the people behind the Ninja Gaiden series) it's a hybrid of the 2D gameplay seen in older titles like Super Metroid on the SNES and the most recent Metroid Prime series.

Fans of Donkey Kong have reason to be excited because before the end of the year, Donkey Kong Country Returns will hit store shelves. The trailer shows classic 2D gameplay reminiscent of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy on the SNES, marking a triumphant return for one of Nintendo's oldest characters.

Nintendo ended the conference with a bang with the confirmation of the rumored Nintendo 3DS system. With processing and graphical capabilities that are on par with the Game Cube, full 3D visuals without the need for glasses, and an astonishing list of games already in development for the new platform, it's a Nintendo fan's dream come true.

Here is the .pdf file with the list of first- and third-party games for the Nintendo 3DS. Titles that immediately jump out at us are Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and new entries in the Pilotwings, Professor Layton, and Paper Mario franchises. Oh yeah--and there's gonna be a new Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS.