Friday, August 20, 2010

08/25/2010 Anime Products

Next week, we'll be receiving the following anime products/merchandise. Quantities may be limited, so preorder now to ensure that you get what you want!

Art of Capcom Volume 2 Artbook

Beautifully reproduced images from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Marvel VS Capcom, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Street Fighter II HD Remix and more are showcased in this gorgeous art book. Also included is an all new Capcom Tribute gallery created just for this collection by UDON's top artists! No gaming, anime, or artwork fan will want to miss out on UDON's Art of Capcom 2.

Asura Cryin' Misao Minakami 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

The super-popular character from Asura Cryin', Misao Minakami, appears right before your eyes! Misao shows us just what it means to be a Projection Body in this figure, where she is depicted floating through the wall! Unarguably one of the most interesting poses a figure has even been put in, this is a definite must-have for fans! Stands 7 1/2" tall. Window box packaging.

Resident Evil 5 Artbook

Dive into the terrifying artwork of Resident Evil 5, the latest chapter in Capcom's top-selling, zombie-filled franchise. Included in this 200 page art book are character and creature designs, environment paintings, development sketches, storyboards, promotional art, creator commentary, and more. The Art of Resident Evil 5 is a must-have for any survival horror gaming fan.

Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia

Enter the world of Street Fighter where fighters of every size, shape, and color collide in a global battle for supremacy. The Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia is your ultimate guide to the Street Fighter universe. Inside you will find detailed profiles of every Street Fighter character, including their histories, strengths, allies, enemies, and more, each accompanied by the pulse-pounding artwork of Udon.

Super Mario Galaxy 550-piece Puzzle

Mario soars to new heights in Super Mario Galaxy, and now you can re-live the fun and excitement of this star-studded game in puzzle form! This collectible puzzle is packaged in a collectible Wii console-shaped box, and this 550-piece jigsaw features everyone's favorite character and the unforgettable villains he battles! It's truly out-of-this-world fun! Measures 18" x 24" when assembled.

We're also getting some Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Energy Drinks, which provide a several hour long boost in energy without a crash later on. In addition to that, we're getting a restock of the Bioshock 2 Subject Delta Plush, which players will recognize as a replica of the same doll carried by the Little Sisters in the game.